"In all my years in this business, I can't even tell you to how many times Jack Caps would have helped to prevent problems with sound"

- TC Thompkins, World Renowned Agent
Are you tired of your high-quality instrument cables being damaged?  Whether it is at home, in the studio or on the road playing shows... cables get damaged. Jack Caps are designed to help put an end to that problem. They feature a tight seal at the base of the body and tapered bracing at the base of the plug. With a leash to keep it attached and to be used as a strap, this instrument cable protector is made to safeguard your cables from the toughest environments.

If you want to keep your sound clean and crisp, you've got a Jack Cap to protect you. Below are the benefits of having this cable protector.
Benefits of Having a Music Instrument
Cable Protector... a Jack Cap!

Even though the technology and the tools we are using in the music industry are constantly evolving, one thing that hasn't changed in almost 150 years is the 1/4 inch jack...

“The original 1⁄4 in (6.35 mm) version dates from 1878, when it was used for manual telephone exchanges, making it the oldest electrical connector standard still in use.” - Wikipedia.com

Getting Stepped On
Music instrument cables are prone to damage while on the ground. They are commonly getting stepped on, stacked on and dropped. Jack Caps have been designed to take on the harshest conditions with 4-way bracing down to the base of the plug.  

Don't let your cables get damaged....Put on a Jack Cap!
Protection When Transporting
Instrument cables get damaged while being transported.  All too often cables are damaged by other equipment being stacked on or beside them putting pressure on the tip. 

Jack Caps are designed to provide the ultimate protection while traveling!
Protection against Spills
If someone spills a drink on a cable, it cannot only damage the cable but also anything it comes in contact with.  Instruments, pedals and PA's are just a few examples. 

Prevent problems with sound ...Put on a Jack Cap!